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Halloween is one day away, and these vicious sales are ready to hunt you down.

Today’s Daily Deals are here finally here! Amazon came through clutch with some daily deals on paranormal movies and television shows. The highlight of this roundup is definitely FringeThe Complete Series. Co-creator J.J. Abrams of Lost, Alias, and recent Star Wars films fame helmed this paranormal series that could be described as a disturbing and more modern X-Files. The story of Fringe lies in the fringe science that lurks around the corners. Aliens, time travel, and other realities blend science with fiction in this wonderful take on procedural crime dramas. An FBI agent named Olivia has her perception of life torn down as insidious individuals take part in “the pattern”, seemingly tied together crimes and instances that might shape the world as we know it.

$49.99 is an absolute steal for all five seasons of this wonderfully creepy show. Although Fringe lies more in the science fiction scene than pure horror, some episodes will leave you chilled to the bone.

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Don’t forget, these deals aren’t guaranteed to last beyond midnight tonight EST. So fill your cart with some goodies and get ready to celebrate Halloween tomorrow! And as always, we’ll be back tomorrow with some great deals. Expect some horrifying sales and slashed prices.

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