Comedy Central Gives Blake Griffin His Own Pilot, Holiday Block to Host

Posted 2019/11/27 833 0


Blake Griffin is one of our best basketball superstars. He’s dope as hell on the court (for my home team of the Detroit Pistons, natch) and he’s charming, endearing, and downright hilarious off the court. It’s been intriguing and inspiring to see Griffin dive so deeply and excellently into the world of comedy when he’s not dominating in his day job. Now, as reported by Deadline, Comedy Central is going all in on the “Blake Griffin comedian” train. Not only will Griffin be hosting the network’s “31 Days of Holiday Survival” block of programming, but he’ll be given his own pilot: One on One with Blake Griffin.

In One on One, Griffin will be interviewing notable celebrities while playing a game of one on one. Except — it ain’t basketball. That would be straight up cheating for the host. Instead, Griffin’s guests will decide what game the two will be playing, and their interview shall take place while playing the game. Griffin is also executive producing the cheeky, fun-sounding project. And if you’re interested in seeing Griffin’s skills as a host, tune into Comedy Central this holiday season.


Image via Comedy Central

Griffin will be hosting the network’s “31 Days of Holiday Survival,” described as “a month of programming dedicated to getting you through the holidays with your sanity intact.” Based on the fast-paced promo clip released for the block, Griffin will be centering several interstitials all based on the comedic idea of dysfunctional families and therapy through watching silly-ass comedies. Plus — you get to see Griffin play a keytar, and who doesn’t want that?

Check out the full promo for the Griffin-hosted “31 Days of Holiday Survival” Comedy Central programming block below, alongside its tentative schedule. For more on Griffin’s reign, check out his best jokes from the Alec Baldwin roast. Plus, his performance in a staged reading of Space Jam, originally starring that other great basketball player-turned-actor. For more holiday stuff to watch, here’s what you’ve got on Netflix.

Movie Stunts:
• Saturday, Dec. 7: Bad Santa 2 Double Dip
• Saturday, Dec. 14: Dynamic Duos Saturday. Movies include Chips, Wedding Crashers, 21 Jump Street
• Saturday, Dec. 21: Family Insanity Saturday. Movies include Meet the Parents, Dirty Grandpa, additional TBA.
• Saturday, Dec. 28 and Sunday, Dec. 29: At Home with the Fam Weekend (working title). Movies include Office Space, Meet the Parents, The Internship, 21 Jump Street, Wedding Crashers and more

Seasonal Episodes, Movies and Specials:
• Tuesday, Dec. 24: The Office Christmas Party – Holiday-themed episodes of The Office back-to-back
• Wednesday Dec. 25: Holiday-themed episodes of South Park, Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special back-to-back (x6), Bad Santa 2
• Tuesday, Dec. 31: South Park Marathon
• Wednesday, Jan. 1: Chappelle’s Show Marathon