Horror Master Stephen King Gets Bloody Funko Pop Figure

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Stephen King Gets Bloody Pop Funko Figure

Stephen King gets bloody Funko Pop figure

Stephen King is one of the most renowned authors in literary history, crafting everything from the haunting horror titles The Shining and It to the powerful prison dramas The Green Mile and Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, and he’s now being immortalized in the form of two Funko Pop figures! The merchandise company took to Twitter to unveil the first look at the new figures, which can be viewed below!

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While the first figure of the author is a stylish look, the blood-soaked Barnes and Noble figure evoking not-so-fond memories of Carrie is sure to sell like hotcakes when it hits the shelves and website of the bookstore chain. He is joining the roster of authors to be turned into a figure from the brand alongside George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones), Dr. Seuss (Green Eggs and Ham) and Edgar Allen Poe (The Raven).

King has been a hot commodity in both the literary and cinematic worlds over his 40 years of working, being considered one of the greatest authors in history and selling over 350 million copies across his 61 novels, six non-fiction books and 200 short stories, many of which have been compiled into book collections. His works have also been adapted into over 45 films, not counting sequels to films including Children of the Corn that extend pas their source material, and numerous miniseries.

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This year has already seen four big-screen adaptations of his work including a remake of Pet Sematary, It: Chapter Two, Netflix’s Into the Tall Grass and the well-received Shining sequel Doctor Sleep. CBS All Access is currently working on an adaptation of The Stand and Hulu currently is enjoying the success from the King-based anthology Castle Rock and Shudder’s Creepshow revival has earned rave reviews from critics and audiences.

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